Material Selection And Corrosion

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Materials and Corrosion

B. Todd

Materials and Corrosion - Introduction

Materials Aspects of Specific Systems and Components

B. Todd

Materials Aspects of Specific Systems - Introduction

Wrought Copper Base Alloys for Desalination

A.H. Tuthill

Corrosion Behavior in clean seawater

Corrosion Behavior in modified seawater

Corrosion behavior in desalination environments

Effect of welding on corrosion behavior

Experience with copper alloys in desalination Plants

Cast Copper-Base Alloys for Desalination Plants

A. M.Shams el-din

Advantage and disadvantage of casting

Designation of Copper Alloys

Tin-Bronzes and Leaded Tin-Bronzes

Aluminium Bronzes


Stainless Steel for Desalination Plants

J.O.Olsson, S.G.E. Alfonsson

Stainless steel



Corrosion in Seawater - Biological Effects

E. Bardal

Electrochemical corrosion

Biofilms,macroorganisms and deposits

Corrosion of different Materials - Biological Effects

Behaviour of Corrosion-resistant types of Materials

Corrosion in Multi - Stage Flash Evaporation Distillers

A. M.Shams el-din

Forms of Corrosion

Corrosion of Distiller Shell

Corrosion of Water Boxes

Corrosion of Tube Plates

Corrosion of Condenser Tubes

Corrosion of Tube Supports

Corrosion of Demisters

Corrosion of Flash Chambers

Corrosion of Distillate Troughs and Ducts

Vapor Side Corrosion

Operation Processes affecting Corrosion

Pumps Materials for Desalination Plants

B. Todd

General Considerations

Materials behavior in seawater

Types of Materials used for pumps

Selection of Materials for Pumps

Pumps - Other: Chlorination Pumps

Some Special Considerations

Valve Materials for Desalination Plants

B. Todd

Valve bodies

Valve seats

Valve Stems

Coating for Valves

Effect of valve design on materials selection

Boiler: Fireside Fouling and Corrosion

H. Moore

High temperature corrosion

Management of fouling and corrosion

Low temperature corrosions

Power and Desalination Chemistry

H. Moore

Boiler corrosion

Chemical Conditions to avoid corrosion

Corrosion and scale preventation

Management of Power and desalination Chemistry


K. Kitaoka

Physical Properties of Titanium

Mechanical Properties of Titanium

Corrosion resistance of Titanium

Mechanical properties of thin wall titanium Tubes

Expansion of thin wall titanium tubes

Heat transfer properties of thin wall titanium tubes

Quality control of thin wall titanium tubes

Application of thin wall titanium tubes

Economics of light gauge titanium tubes