Common Fundamentals And Unit Operations In Thermal Desalination

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Survey of Long Time Behaviour and Costs of Industrial Fluidized Bed Heat Exchangers

R. Rautenbach and T. Katz


Heat transfer of a fluidized bed

Preventation of Fouling

Operating experiences with commercial units


Entrainment in Evaporators

C.D. Hornburg


Configuration and Parameters

The Problem of Non-Condensable Gas Release in Evaporators

Heike Glade and Klaus Genthner

The Source of Non-condensable Gases in Evaporators

The effects of Non-condensable Gases in Evaporators

Summary of Cases that required consideration of non-condensable gas release

Analysis, Approaches, And Models for The Release of Carbon Dioxide, Nitrogen, Oxygen & Argon In Evaporators

Heike Glade and Klaus Genthner

Fundamentals of Desorption with and without Chemical reaction

Release of oxygen , Nitrogen and Argon

Release of Carbon Dioxide

Simulation Results with the Gas Release Model

Design Data for Non-Condensable Gas Release Rates in Flash Chambers

Heike Glade and Klaus Genthner

Design Assumption regarding the release of Oxygen, Notrogen and Argon

Design Assumptions regarding the total Carbon Dioxide release

Design Assumption regarding the Distribution of the Carbon Dioxide release between the Individual Stages

Measurements of Carbon Dioxide release in the individual Stages of MSF Disteller

Comparison of the Approaches to Carbon Dioxide release computation with the measurements results

Dimensioning of Design Venting Rates

Mist Eliminators

Andreas Hambach

Knitted wire mesh mist eliminators

Wave Plate separator

Interstage Brine Flow in MSF Chambers

R. Rautenbach and S. Schäfer

Open flow in horizontal channels and through orifices

Heat and Mass Balances in the Evaporator Components Group:Stage Heat and Mass Transfer Balance

M.A. Darwish and Faisal Al-Juwayhel

Factors affecting the brine flow to the stage

Stage Analysis

Heat transfer calculations

A Case Study: Performanceand Acceptance Test of A Power & Desalination Plant

Atef M Al Baghdadi

Guaranteed values

Guarantee conditions

Measuring equipment

Isolation of cycle

Frequency of readings and duration of the tests

Diagrams and list of measuring points

Evaluation of test results