The Desalination Site And Civil Works

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Site Selection

A. Sanver, S.C. May

Basic elements of site selection

Desalination plant site selection

Overall Site Layout

J . Andrianne

Overall Layout of the site

Layout Design Guidelines

MSF Plant Layout

Klaus Wangnick

General condition for site Layout

Small MSF Desalination Plant

Medium and Large MSF Desalination Plants

Floating MSF Seawater Desalination Plants

Reverse Osmosis Plant Layout

John Potts

General Considerations

Small RO Plants

Large RO Plants

Electrodialysis Plant Layout

J. Maoz

Criteria for selection of ED plant site

Equipment installed at ED plant sites

Structures for ED plant and equipment

Installation of ED plants on mobile units

Design Guidelines of Seawater Intake System

C.D. Hornburg

Site Condition

Types of intake structures

Pump Basin

Problem associated with improper design or operation

Case studies

Disposal and Recirculation of Saline Water

Gerard A.L. Delvigne

Definitions and Characterizations

Hydrodynamic Flow and Recirculation Modelling

Water Intake by Wells and Infiltration Galleries

J. Schittekat

Well Hydraulics

Water Well Design

Infiltration Galleries

Cost Assessments of Water Intake

Effluent Discharge using Boreholes and Ponds

J. Schittekat

General Conditions

Injection Well

Pond or Infiltration Trench

Cost Assessments: Effluent Recharge by Wells

Seismic Design

J.D. Renard


Determination of the Seismic

The Seismic design of Structures

Lifelines and Equipment

Other Consequences of earthquakes

Mechanical Vibration Insulation

J.D. Renard

Origin and type of Vibrations

Vibration Analysis

The reduction of Vibrations

Wind Design

L.M. Marneffe

Wind Speed to be considered on a Site

Wind Effects on a Structure

Rigid and Flexible Structures

Vortex Effects

Case of a Chimney

Scaled Models

Durability and Repair of Reinforced Concrete Desalination Plants

G. Matta

Corrosion mechanism

Steps to improve durability

Additional Protection Systems

Repair of Deteriorated Concrete

Periodic Monitoring

Civil Engineering Desalination Plants

M. Gregoire

Site investigations


Time scheduling

Cost control

Quality Control

Link to Power Station

C. Sommariva

Basic considerations

Process Affecting Parameters

Process Patterns Applicable

Typical Arrangement

Cost and Maintenance Aspects