History, Development and Management

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The History of Desalination Before Large-Scale Use

James D. Birkett

The history of Science and technology

Desalination in Antiquity

The Middle ages & Spread of Islam

The age of discovery and exploration

The age of science and reason

The influence of the Industrial Revolution

From 1900 until World War II

From 1940 until the Mid 1950's

The Beginnings of Large-scale Use of Desalination


The Development on Multistage Flash Distillation

R.S. Silver

History of distillation by boiling

History of Flash distillation

Multi-stage Flash distillation

The importance of desalination and the contribution of MSF distillation

Milestones in the Development of Multi-Stage Flash Desalination Plants Worldwide

N. McArthur

Milestones in Desalination Technology

Specification of Key Desalination Plants

Steam Plant Aspects of Seawater Distillation

R.S. Silver

The need for desalination

Energy requirements for distillation

Distillation Flow sheets

Temperature range of distillation process

Types of MSF construction

Summing up general MSF Advances

Research and Development

Vapor Compression

Developments of MEB distillation

Summary of Desalination Methods Used in Common Practice

O.K. Buros



Reverse Osmosis

Other methods

Seawater Desalination By Large Multistage Flash Plants

D.M.K. Al-Gobaisi

Large Scale Seawater Desalination in Abu Dhabi, UAE

Performance of the plants

Measurement and control

Modeling, simulation optimization and advanced automation

A Case Study on Planning a Large Scale MSF Desalination Plants

Asghar Husain, Klaus Wangnick, Adil Radif

Process aspects

Design aspects (including automation)

Material aspects and selection

Cost aspects

Environmental aspects

The proposed plant

Summary and Recommendations

Desalination and Water Reuse in India

Braj M. Misra and Himangshu K. Sadhukhan

Water needs and availability in India

Historical developments of R&D on desalination in India

Current status

Thermal desalination

Reverse osmosis desalination

Desalination/water reuse strategies

Nuclear desalination

Desalination Plants in Emirates of Abu Dhabi

Hanif Sultan

Large MSF Desalination Plants in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi

Water Requirements For Maintaining The Marshlands Of Southern Iraq: Desalination To Supplement Water Resources And Sustain The Ecosystems Of The Marshlands

Adil Al Radif

Review of the Recent History and the Current Situation

Trend Analysis for the Years (1970-2050)

Energy and Water: Critical Life Support Systems

Desalination Technology: A Supplement Solution