Membrane Processes

Desware Contents

Reverse Osmosis: Introduction

S. Loeb

Membrane Distillation

Enrico Drioli And Alessandra Criscuoli
Louis Peña Molero

Practical Aspects Of Large-Scale Reverse Osmosis Applications

M. Kishi
Ichiro Kawada
Keuuchi Ohta
Mituhaur Furuichi
Makio Tamura
Yoshinari Fussaoka
Yoshiaki Nakanishi

Reverse Osmosis Process And System Design

Y. Taniguchi
H. Ohya

Health, Safety And Environmental Considerations

Y. Magara
S. Iso

Preparation And Characterization Of Ion-Exchange Membranes

T. Sata


R.W. Baker
J.G. Wijmans

Modeling And Calculation Of Pressure-Driven Membrane Processes

Sergei P. Agashichev

Survey Of Theoretical Approaches To Modeling Pressure-Driven Membrane Processes (Submodels For Transport In Phases)

Sergei P. Agashichev

Hollow-Fiber Membranes

I. Moch Jr.

Preparation And Characterization Of Micro- And Ultrafiltration Membranes

G.H. Koops

Dialysis And Diffusion Dialysis

T.A. Davis

Donnan Dialysis

T.A. Davis

Membrane Separation Technologies

Takeshi Matsuura


Reverse Osmosis : Introduction

Historical Development

Principle of Reverse Osmosis

Technical and economical relevance of reverse Osmosis

Membrane Distillation

Fundamentals for Membrane Distillation

Membranes for membrane Distillation

Process & equipment in membrane distillation

Membrane distillation Application

Integrated membrane distillation systems

Principles and Practices of Reverse Osmosis

Theory of RO

Basic Water Chemistry

Process Considerations of RO

Pretreatment (RO)

RO Process design


Brine disposal

RO Equipment

RO Operation and maintenance

Costs (RO)

Practical Aspects of Large-scale Reverse Osmosis Applications

Seawater Desalination

Brackish Water Desalination

Wastewater Treatment

Other Applications of Reverse Osmosis

Reverse Osmosis Process and System Design

General consideration

Basic reverse osmosis plant construction

Basic principles involved in reverse osmosis process

Feed water pre-and product water post-treatment procedures

Operational problems of reverse osmosis system

Instrumentation and automation

Health, Safety and Environmental Considerations

Health hazards of reverse osmosis water desalination

Reverse osmosis effect on the environments

Preparation & Characterization of Ion-exchange Membrane

Classification of ion-exchange membranes

Preparation of ion-exchange membranes

Characterization of ion-exchange membranes

Properties of commercial ion-exchange membranes


Fundamentals of Pervaporation

Membranes and Modules

Process and Equipment Design

Applications of Pervaporation

Conclusions and Future Directions of Pervaporation

Modelling and calculation of Pressure-Driven Membrane Processes

General Framework and formulation of the problem

Concentration Polarisation

Accumulation of Gel or Porous Precipitate on Membrane Surface

Transport through Porous Matrix

Modeling Driving Force

Survey of Theoretical Approaches to Modelling Pressure-Diven Membrane Processes (Submodels For Trans

Modelling hydrodynamic field

Modelling concentration field

Modelling gel or cake layer accumulation and growth

Hollow-Fiber Membrane



Sorbent fibers

Preparation / Characterization of Micro & ultrafiltration Membrane

Preparation of Micro-and Ultrafiltration Membranes

Characterization of Micro- and Ultrafiltration Membranes

Dialysis and Diffusion Dialysis

The Principle of the Process and Fundamentals

Technical and economic relevance


Process and equipment design

Process costs, operational problems, and limitations of the Process


Supplier Industry

Donnan Dialysis

Principles and Fundamentals

Technical and economic relevance

Membrane and System Development

Process and equipment design

Process costs, operational problems, and limitations of the Process


Supplier Industry

Membrane Seperation Technologies


Definition and classification

Performance parameters

Membrane separation processes where the driving force is pressure

Membrane separation processes where the driving force is partial pressure

Membrane separation processes where the driving force is difference in electrical potential

Other Membrane Processes