Process Instrumentation, Control And Automation

Desware Contents

Introduction to Process Control

Andreas Bunzemeier, Herbert Krause

Fundamentals of Control Theory

Andreas Bunzemeier
Lothar Litz

Process Control Systems

Andreas Bunzemeier
Lothar Litz

Control Schemes of Cogenerating Power Plants For Desalination

J. Dastych, Pickhardt, H. Unbehauen

Fault Diagnosis in Chemical Processes. Its relation to Thermal Desalination Systems

E. Tarifa
N.J. Scenna


Introduction to Process Control

Theoretical Background

Control theory in practice

Future development

Fundamentals of Control Theory

Kinds of Control

Basic requirements on Control quality

Process Modeling

Types of Continous Controllers

Stability of Continuous Control Systems

Concepts of Control Design

Concepts Of Binary Control design

Process Control System

Historical development

Functional aspects

Structural aspects

Environmental conditions

Engineering and documentation

Installation, commissioning and maintenance

Quality assurance and performance tests

Economic aspects of automation

Future trends in the field of process control

Control Actuators

Pneumatic actuators

Oleodynamic (Electrohydraulic) actuators

Electric actuators Selection of control actuator

Control Valve Positioner

Pneumatic Positioner Operation

Electropneumatic Positioner

Selection of Positioner

Use of Positioner

Availability Analysis of MSF Distillers Using Fault Tree Logic

Control Schemes of Cogenerating Power Plants For Desalination

Fault Diagnosis using artificial intelligence in thermal Desalination Plants

Fault Diagnosis in Chemical Processes its relation to Thermal Desalination Systems