Thermal Power Plant and Co-Generation Planning

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Thermal Power Plants

R. A. Chaplin

Technology Development

Resource Development

Environmental Effects

Power Production Evolution

Technical Limitations

Capital Investment

Power Plant Operation

Technical Limitations

Location and Type

Safety and Risk

Future Prospects

Renewable Resources

Energy Technologies

Power Plant Technology

R.A. Chaplin

Technological Decisions

Fundamental Requirements

Environmental Considerations

Thermodynamic Cycles

Applications of Thermodynamic Cycles

Heat and Energy Flows

Fuels and Efficiency

Metallurgy and Chemistry

Power Plant Combustion Theory

R.A. Chaplin

Combustion Fundamentals

Combustion Calculations

Energy Balances

Air-Fuel Ratios

Heat of Combustion

Combustion products

Thermodynamic Theory

R.A. Chaplin

Fundamental Equations

Thermodynamic Laws

Thermodynamic Cycles

Steam Turbine Applications

Power Plant Steam Cycle Theory

R.A. Chaplin

Cycle Efficiencies

Turbine Expansion Lines

Exergy Analysis

R. A. Chaplin

Available Energy and Availability

Heat Exchangers

Steam Turbines

Complete Steam Cycle

Thermo-economic Analysis

Power Plant Materials

D. H. Lister

Metals and their Properties

Condition Assessment and Life Extension

R.A. Chaplin

Refurbishment versus Replacement

Material Characteristics

Plant Operational Conditions

Component Inspection and Testing

Life Assessment

Inspection and Reassessment

Production of Steam

R.A. Chaplin

Coal Gasification

Fuel Combustion

Exhaust Gas Treatment

Natural Heat Sources

Nuclear Heat Sources

Nuclear Reactor Developments

Advanced Reactor Designs

Fossil Fuel Fired Boiler Plant Configuration

R.A. Chaplin

Basic Design

Boiler Structure

Boiler Auxiliaries

Boiler Back-End Components

Fossil Fuel Handling

Chaplin R. A

Liquid and Gaseous Fuel Handling

Solid Fuel Handling

Pulverizing Mills

Fossil Fuel Combustion Systems

Chaplin R.A.

Pulverized Coal Burners

Cyclone Furnaces


Fluidized Beds

Coal Gasification

Gas and Oil

Environmental Considerations

Fossil Fuel Fired Boiler Water-Steam System

Chaplin R.A.

Furnace Design

Water Circulation

Boiler Drum

Super heaters and Reheaters


Fossil Fuel Fired Boiler Air and Gas Path

Chaplin R.A.

General Principles

Fan Characteristics

Air Heaters


Gas Cleanup Facilities

Fossil Fuel Waste Product Handling

Chaplin R.A.

Exhaust Gas

Electrostatic Precipitators


Flue Gas Desulfurization

Nitrogen Oxides Removal

Carbon Dioxide

Exhaust Gas Stacks


Ash Handling Systems

Ash Disposal Systems

Environmental Considerations

Fossil Fuel Plant Materials and Chemistry

Derek Lister

Introduction: A Typical Plant

Materials Applications

Chemistry Considerations

Production of Power

R.A. Chaplin

Turbine Fundamentals

Turbine Types

Energy Storage

Combined Cycles

Heat Rejection

Heat Rejection Systems

Future Developments

Steam Turbine Configuration

R.A. Chaplin

Design Principles

Design Features

Steam Turbine Impulse and Reaction Blading

R.A. Chaplin

Turbine Classification

Velocity Diagrams

Stage Design

Steam Turbine Components and Systems

R.A. Chaplin

Turbine Cylinder Configuration

Turbine Seals

Turbine Bearings

Steam Turbine Steam System

R.A. Chaplin

Main Steam System

Reheating and Feedheating


Condenser Operation

Steam Turbine Operational Aspects

R.A. Chaplin

Turbine Losses


Turbine Expansion Line

Moisture in Turbine

Part Load Operation

Turbine Back Pressure

Thermal Effects

Turbine Governing

Air-Cooled Heat Exchangers and Cooling Towers

D.G. Kröger

Cooling Towers

Air-cooled Heat Exchangers

Dry/wet and wet/dry Cooling Systems

Gas Turbine Fundamentals

H.I.H. Saravanamuttoo

Gas Turbines for Electric Power Generation: Introduction

Basics of Gas Turbine Operation

Ideal Cycles

Real Cycles

Combined Cycles

Cogeneration Plant

Off-design Performance

Gas Turbines for Electric Power Generation

H.I.H. Saravanamuttoo

Current gas turbines

Combines cycles


Fundamentals of Electric Power Generation

R.A. Chaplin

Electrical Power Theory

Electrical Generators

Electrical Transformers

Electrical Generator Configuration

Power Transmission Components

Second Law-Based Analysis and Optimization of Seawater Desalting Systems

Y.M. El-Sayed


Second-Law-Based Analysis

Modeling a System for Performance-Cost Analysis

Manual Improvement of a System

Automated Improvement for a Given System Structure

Application Example

From Design to Operation

Appendix: An Overview of Engineering Sciences

Special Design Aspects of Co-Generation Units

J.P. Ninan and B. Khan

Steam Turbine

Extraction Pressure Control System

HP Reducing Station

Systems Interconnections


Steam Descriptions

Reheaters and Steam Description Isolation

Modes of Operation

Mathematical Modeling for Short Term Operation Planning of Cogeneration Systems

D. Herrmann and Y.M. Hamud

Problem Formulation

Operation Costs

Unit Commitment

Load Dispatch

Mathematical Modeling for Long Term Expansion Planning of Cogeneration Systems

Y.M. Hamud and D. Herrmann

Problem Formulation

Existing System and Supply Options

Objective Function and Constraints

Solution Methods

A Thermodynamic Approach to The Synthesis of Thermal Desalination Processes

N.J. Scenna and P.A. Aguirre

Maximum Energy Recovery in Desalination Systems

Optimal Criterion for Dual Purpose Desalination Plants

On Exergetics, Economics and Desalination

Göran Wall and Mei Gong


Exergetics and Economics

Exergetics and Desalination

Perspectives of Nuclear Energy for Seawater Desalination

Jürgen Kupitz and Toshio Konishi

The Early Years

Renewed Interest

Seawater Desalination Technologies

Nuclear Reactors for Seawater Desalination

Study of Combined Nuclear Desalination for North Africa

Economic Forecast of Nuclear Desalination

National Projects and Activities in Nuclear Desalination