Water and Wastewater Treatment Technologies

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Raw Water Pre-treatment - Introduction and Overview

Heinz Ludwig, Fichtner, Stuttgart, Germany

Pollution of Raw Water and its Measurement

Raw Water extraction installation

Measures to Prevent Biofouling

Precleaning - Flocculation/Filtration, Sedimentation

Extended Precleaning - Microfiltration , Ultrafiltration Nanofiltration

Preventation of Scaling

Further Pre-treatment measures - Ion exchange, Precipitation Methods

Pre-Cleaning Measures - Filtration

Dieter Saal, Darmstadt, Germany

Basic principles of filtration

Particle transport and agglomeration mechanism

Filter systems and selection

Filter design principles

Filter media and selection

Filter backwashing methods

Operation of filter equipment

Flocculation and Flocculation Filtration

Dieter Saal, Darmstadt, Germany


Basic principles of flocculation

Effects of flocculants and coagulants

Types of flocculants and coagulants

Design principles of dosing systems

Storing and preparing flocculants

Operation of equipment

Flocculation Filtration

Basic Principles of Floc-filtration

Design of Floc-filters

Control and Operation of Floc-filtration Systems

Microfiltration and Ultrafiltration

Ata M. Hassan, Saline Water Conversion Corporation, RDC Al-Jubail, Saudi Arabia

Kevin Price, U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, Denver, U.S.A.

RO Feed Pretreatment

Post- Treatment of Distillate and Permeate:Introduction and Overview

Heinz Ludwig, Fichtner, Stuttgart, Germany

Purpose of Post-treatment

Composition of desalinated Water

Standards and guidelines for composition of potable water

Processes for Potabilization of distillate and Perme

Composition of Desalinated Water

Heinz Ludwig, Fichtner, Stuttgart, Germany